Terms and Conditions

1. You (the customer) acknowledge subscription to one of d’Vour’s meal service plans that necessitates recurring weekly payment and you accept responsibility for all obligatory payments prior to a pause in service or cancellation of your subscription.

2. A pause in service or cancellation of your subscription must be made 48 hours prior to the subsequent delivery date. A pause in service or cancellation of your subscription can be initiated through your account settings.

3. d’Vour Food Co. reserves the right to decline or cancel your subscription at any time with just reason.

4. d’Vour Food Co. reserves the right to change the meal or delivery cost at any time with reasonable notice to its customers.

5. Deliveries will be made every Monday and Thursday. If you are not present to accept your delivery the meals will be placed at your door inside insulated cooler bags with ice packs to keep meals as cold and fresh as possible. 

6. You (the customer) understand that there may be instances of extreme weather or other unforeseen incidents beyond our control that may impede the delivery of your order. d’Vour will credit or refund the fee for delivery if timely delivery of your order is impracticable. It is up to the discretion of d’Vour what is considered timely delivery. It is never the intention of d’Vour to inconvenience its customers with early or late deliveries. You the customer agree to accept all deliveries regardless of timing.

7. Meals will be packed and delivered inside insulated thermal bags along with ice packs in order to keep the meals as cold and fresh as possible. We recommend that you immediately refrigerate all meals upon delivery.

8. d’Vour provides reusable cooler bags and ice packs to keep your meals cold and fresh. You (the customer) agree to return all cooler bags and ice packs on the next delivery date to our delivery persons for re-use for your next delivery order.

9. Meals are made fresh without preservatives and as such should be consumed within 3-4 days of delivery.

10. d’Vour logs its customers’ deliveries guaranteeing arrival. You (the customer) agree not to hold d’Vour accountable for your goods once it arrives at your door.

11. We aim to accurately as possible describe and portray our menu on our website. d’Vour reserves the right to change, substitute, or omit ingredients or menu items from the originally planned menu on our website, without notice, due to market availability or quality of ingredients. You (the customer) agree to accept such modifications.

12. Food safety is of most importance to d’Vour Food Co. and we take all precautions to practice and maintain topmost hygiene in food preparation, packaging and distribution. Our chefs are food handler certified and our meals are prepared as per the Ontario Food Premises Regulations set by The Health Protection and Promotion Act, cooked and cooled to correct temperatures for safe delivery utilizing insulated cooler bags. You (the customer) agree not to hold d’Vour responsible for any illness by our food and services as d’Vour takes numerous precautions to maintain food safety and you are responsible for safe handling of the goods once received, ie. refrigeration upon receiving all orders, cross contamination with non-d’Vour food products, and so on.

13. You (the customer) agree not to hold d’Vour Food Co. or any of our associates legally accountable under any circumstance or pertinent laws and regulations, for any loss or harm including damage by use of our services.